Use the Good Stuff

As we were eating Christmas dinner my son asked, “How old are these paper Christmas napkins?”

I did some mental calculations and realized that I got a case of them ten years ago. I saved them and only used them at Christmas. We used the last package this year.

When the last one was used I realized I didn’t have any regular paper napkins. I put them on my list to buy.

Then my husband told me the drawer to the china cabinet was stuck. I told him it was probably from the package of paper napkins left over from my sons wedding last month.

Duh. I was saving them for something special, but why? I decided to open the package and use them instead of buying more napkins.

That is my tip for today. Use the good stuff. Stop saving it for a special occasion.

If I had not opened that package we would have been frustrated every time we tried to open the drawer to the china cabinet. Now I have saved money and frustration.


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