I am out of soap. I have to use special soap because of my sensitive skin. It is only available online. I keep two bars in both bathrooms and one bar in the kitchen. I am down to two bars and a sliver of soap.

I noticed I was running low a couple weeks ago, but with the Christmas presents on my credit card I didn’t want to order it then. (I pay my credit card off every month.) So I decided to wait.

If I wait until Friday it will not be on this months credit card bill. So, I leave a sliver in the basement bathroom (because I rarely use it) one bar in the kitchen and carry the other bar back and forth from the sink to the tub in the other bathroom.

This is called “delayed gratification”.

I have been unemployed for two years now and my husband’s salary has been drastically reduced due to health insurance premiums (His employer used to pay all of it) and reduced hours due to the economy. I am so grateful that he has a job!

I have to use “delayed gratification” every week as I make my grocery list. I am aiming for $50.00 a week and there are four of us. My adult daughter moved back in and my son is seventeen, so I am not talking about feeding a two year old. It is four adults.

I make my list and then move items that can wait to my list for next week.


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