“Dated?” Who cares, it works.

We are living in a “throw away” society. If it breaks, throw it away. Appliances used to last thirty years, now they are expected to last ten years.

I like to watch the shows on HGTV; but I am disgusted with the term “dated”. Items are rejected that are five or ten years old. These items are useful and serve a purpose, they have just fallen out of fashion. Many times the replacement item, that is fashionable today, is useless and does not function at all.

An example is vertical blinds. They are torn down and replaced with drapes, fixed panels or sliding panels. Yet, none of the replacements can be turned so the sun is not shining in, but the light is let in. You have full sunlight or no light at all.  People with allergies love vertical blinds because they do not accumulate dust like horizontal blinds. Any dust that lands on them is knocked off when they are opened and closed.

We need to repair, not replace. Pieces of furniture, like broken chair legs, can be replaced. Fill in gouges, touch up scratches with stain, repaint or just give them a good cleaning.

Even the vanes of vertical blinds can be repaired. When they tear, I turn them over and punch a hole in the bottom using a hole punch. Sometimes I move the repaired vanes to the back, but the holes are so small that it is not necessary.


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