Name Brand or Off Brand

Ready for a shock? Sometimes it is better to buy the name brand! I am thinking of Nike Socks.

You see while I raised my two boys I went through millions of socks. I tried every brand. Last Christmas I tried yet another brand and they developed a hole in three months.

I swear by the Nike socks because they will last for years. It is worth it for me to drive an hour and pick up the Nike socks because I know they will last. I especially love the black socks because they don’t fade.

My husband agrees. Last week he asked me to put some elastic in some long, black Nike socks. I bought them for my oldest to wear as dress socks in 2002. Like I said, they wear like iron. He wore these socks for concerts and FFA events when he had to dress up. He decided they were too long after he graduated from high school. He prefers the crew cut.

Each member of my family liked a different cut. My husband liked the cuffed anklets: oldest son, crew-cut, daughter, low-cut, youngest son, no-show cut. It made it easy to tell which ones belonged to who.

Nike also makes a “King Size” sock which is perfect for the men in my family who wear a size 13 shoes!

Here’s the math:

Cheap socks, 6 pairs for $8.00. They last three to six months. You will spend $16.00 to $32.00 on socks in one year.

Nike socks, 6 pairs for $15.00. They will last for one to two years minimum. You will pay $7.50 to $15.00 per year.

Frequently, Nike offers a “buy one, get one-half off” sale. It makes the savings even bigger.

I consider this when I pick other items of clothes. If the seams are going to pull apart and the color fades in the first wash it is not worth the money, no matter how cheap it was. I try to go for quality, not quantity.

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