Better Homes and Gardens Agreed

I was thrilled when I read the “Living Green” section of the April, 2010 issue of Better Homes and Gardens. They agreed with me about rebates and tax credits. (See “Rebate? Not a Deal Maker”, March 10, 2010)

Pg 101. Point 3. “Payback isn’t the only indicator of whether you should upgrade. Be realistic about the money you’ll get back by making an energy upgrade.

Though you’re eligible for a tax credit by replacing your current windows or furnace, for example, the credit likely won’t be enough of an incentive on its own. You may not recoup all your costs in energy savings either.

However, investing in a good-quality, energy-smart products offers other benefits, with personal comfort topping the list. And if you were already considering a replacement product, the tax credit may provide an opportunity you don’t want to pass up.”

The bottom line is to wait until a product needs replaced, then look into tax credits or rebates. And do your homework to get the best deal for your money.