Magazine Subscriptions

I foolishly let my subscription to my favorite magazine run out. When I realized it, I went online to renew it. It takes four to six weeks for the subscription to start. I bought  this months’ edition at the grocery store. It was almost double the subscription cost!

I am kicking myself for not renewing through the magazine sales at the local school. They offer the lowest subscription price available. At our school district the freshmen class sells them every year. I can also get them from various band and chorus fundraisers. My niece from Virginia sent me a card when her school was selling magazine subscriptions.

I know it is best to go to the library to read your favorite magazines. That is not an option for me due to a health issue. I buy the subscription at the lowest price available. I also found if I used my “personal spending money” I would only buy the magazines I really wanted. When I purchased subscriptions out of the family budget I bought more.

Don’t buy more magazines than you have the time to read. I leave my magazines in the bathroom and leisurely peruse them while I am soaking in the tub. If next months’ issues arrive before you finished reading this months then you have too many subscriptions. Cut back to the ones that are the most helpful.

I make my magazines do double duty. The following months’ issue arrives in the middle of the month, i.e. April’s issue arrives around March 15th. I read them and pass them on to my favorite beautician. She has them in her shop at the beginning of the month. She has current issues for her shop and I don’t have a pile of magazines anywhere.

If you are wanting to donate your magazines, make sure they are current issues. Some libraries in small towns will welcome them. Call them first to check.

Older issues are welcome at preschools and public schools. Just be sure to call to see if they are appropriate for children. They cut them up for various projects.

Part of living a frugal lifestyle is to get the most out of everything you purchase. Pass it on, don’t send it to the landfill.


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