Stock up on Stamps…Holiday Stamps!

I’m sure if you read my blog, you already have stocked up on the Christmas cards for next year. But, did you get stamps? Yes, stamps! The holiday stamps we purchased this year were “Forever” stamps. That means that even if the cost of a stamp goes up, you can still use these stamps without adding a 1 cent stamp or 2 cent stamp.

Other ways you can save on Christmas mailings is to send your Christmas newsletter through email. If you prefer a card with a picture of your family on it, you can save costs by using postcard stamps to mail them. Postcard stamps are $.28 and regular stamps are $.44.

I read this tip in the Cheapskate Monthly, (now called Debt Proof Living), magazine in July, 2000.

“Buy your holiday postage through a coin and stamp dealer who sells new, uncanceled stamps below face value. To get rid of older stamps, dealers often negotiate a price below the face value. I bought $50 worth of stamps for $44.75 (including shipping and handling.) Bonus: Your recipients get really cool looking vintage mail. Check the Yellow Pages for a local dealer.” Janis Raintree, CA

Remember when you purchase new stamps to always get the “Forever” stamps and you never have to worry about a rate increase.


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