Never Let Them See You Sweat

I had to add to my blog about dressing for the weather that I posted on 12-31-09 because I have new information. I tested it for a month before blogging about it.

I wrote when the weather was twenty degrees and below to layer socks. I had to change that.

I read in the Blue Magazine, (published by Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield), in the Winter 2010 issue about socks.

Don’t layer socks: Two pairs will limit circulation and make your feet colder.”

I tested this for a month and even though the temperatures got down into the teens my feet did not seem any colder. I always wear shoes or slippers, so that helps.

The only time my feet felt cold was when I had been sitting at the computer too long! If I got up and walked around to get the circulation going again they warmed right up.

You still need three weights of socks: light-weight for summer, medium-weight for the cooler days and heavy for any temperature below 20 degrees.

Another thing I read about in that article was concerning “Under Armour”. These are clothes made with breathable, polypropylene. Other brand names are: “Dri-Fit”, “ClimaLite”, “Drilete”, “Vapor Dry”, “Technifine” and “Cool Max”.

This clothing should only be worn as a layer when exercising, shoveling snow, etc.

“The right base layer will wick away moisture from the skin and pass it to the outer layer of fabric where it can evaporate so you don’t chill.”

If you use it as a base layer for normal activities it will wick the sweat from your armpit and transfer it to the next layer.

“Pitting out” (sweat circles under your arms) is acceptable in the gym, not the office!

Staying warm and dry saves money two ways: you can turn down the thermostat and it avoids a doctor visit for hypothermia!

Keep warm and keep your money!


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