Insulation Doesn’t Have To Be Pretty

Last summer I opened the Lazy Susan corner kitchen cabinet and it felt like a dorm refrigerator. The register was next to the stove and the cool air went behind the stove and cabinets and pooled in the Lazy Susan area.

The first thing I did was pulled out the stove and caulked the seam between the cabinet and wall. This summer I got a flashlight out and looked at the condition of the wall behind the drawers that are next to the Lazy Susan. I could see a space between the floor and the wall. I filled it with caulk.

I am sure the space extended behind the Lazy Susan, but I did not want to take out the curved board that was installed behind it to keep stuff from rolling back out of reach.

There was a space between the curved board and the wall. I stuffed it with newspapers. (I have used newspapers folded up into two-inch strips to fill the cracks between two double hung windows in a home we rented.)

Since I believe our walls are under-insulated, I decided to insulate behind the drawers. I cut a piece of foam wall insulation for the spot under the drawers, but it was too thick for the wall behind the drawers. I used some “Astro Foil” stapled to the walls for that area.

I was going to use newspaper for all of it, but the drawer cupboard is next to the stove, so I worried about using a flammable material.

As you can see by the pictures…it is not pretty!

Astro Foil insulates behind my kitchen drawers.

Newspapers stuffed behind the masonite board behind my Lazy Susan.

Is It a Mirror or a Window

Is it a mirror or a window?

“There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” Edith Wharton

I believe the most important things on my blog are the links at the bottom of the page. I am like a mirror, reflecting what I have learned at these websites and writing about the money-saving ideas that I have come up with myself.

I encourage you to visit those links. They are filled with a wealth of information.

I cannot tell you how much money I have saved since I have discovered these websites. I know they will be great resources for you also.

As for the image you see…it is both. It is a mirror that I added a piece of molding to and hung a black valance on top of to make it appear as if I had a window in my hall. The window in my bathroom is reflected in the mirror. The reflected light brightens my dark hall. It was much cheaper than installing a window!