Insulation Doesn’t Have To Be Pretty

Last summer I opened the Lazy Susan corner kitchen cabinet and it felt like a dorm refrigerator. The register was next to the stove and the cool air went behind the stove and cabinets and pooled in the Lazy Susan area.

The first thing I did was pulled out the stove and caulked the seam between the cabinet and wall. This summer I got a flashlight out and looked at the condition of the wall behind the drawers that are next to the Lazy Susan. I could see a space between the floor and the wall. I filled it with caulk.

I am sure the space extended behind the Lazy Susan, but I did not want to take out the curved board that was installed behind it to keep stuff from rolling back out of reach.

There was a space between the curved board and the wall. I stuffed it with newspapers. (I have used newspapers folded up into two-inch strips to fill the cracks between two double hung windows in a home we rented.)

Since I believe our walls are under-insulated, I decided to insulate behind the drawers. I cut a piece of foam wall insulation for the spot under the drawers, but it was too thick for the wall behind the drawers. I used some “Astro Foil” stapled to the walls for that area.

I was going to use newspaper for all of it, but the drawer cupboard is next to the stove, so I worried about using a flammable material.

As you can see by the pictures…it is not pretty!

Astro Foil insulates behind my kitchen drawers.

Newspapers stuffed behind the masonite board behind my Lazy Susan.

2 thoughts on “Insulation Doesn’t Have To Be Pretty

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