How Much is Enough?

That is one question we rarely ask ourselves. Instead we ask, “How much can I afford?”

We used to buy a gallon of milk, once a week, for years. A couple of months ago I noticed we had milk left over when we purchased our weekly jug. Last month I had to dump milk that had gone bad, twice.

Now there are still four people living in the house, so I was sure we could not get by on a half-gallon of milk. I hated dumping milk, so I switched to the smaller size thinking we could pick up another half-gallon later in the week.

That half-gallon of milk lasted all week.


Since there was only a half-gallon, I didn’t fill my cereal bowl as full of milk as I used to and when I made cheese sauce I used nonfat, dry milk. My cooking is healthier and my food budget was reduced.

It makes me wonder – am I buying too much of anything else?

Wednesday Deals Directions

I failed to give you directions to finding the “Wednesday Deals” at Penney’s.  If that is also your favorite store.

Click on Clearance on the top bar. On the clearance page look at the bottom on the left hand side. “Wednesday Deals” will be listed in the menu. They also have deals under 9.99.

I found the pants I bought last week are still on sale!

Wednesday Deals

Everyone has a favorite store for clothes. Mine happens to be Penney’s because they sell clothes in tall sizes and 100% cotton clothing.

Once when I was checking every day on a back ordered item, I learned a few things.

1. They have specials that they call “Monday Mark Downs”.

2. They run “Wednesday Deals” with drastic reductions for one day only.

They don’t run the Wednesday Deals every week, but it is worth it to check.

I have it written in my Day-Timer to check the Wednesday deals every week. I don’t order often, but last week I was able to get two pair of work pants and a work shirt, in tall sizes for 75% off!

So if you have a favorite store, check its website once a day for a week to see what specials they run.

Stock Up on Under “Wonders”

The best part of back to school sales for me are the packages with the extra tee shirts and extra underwear.

I have seen buy:

12 for the price of 10

7 for the price of 6

4 for the price of 3

You get the idea.

It is not only children’s sizes that offer the extra free pair. They are also available in adult sizes. You can get mens, ladies, boys and girls sizes at  this time of year. (They sometimes offer bonus packages around Father’s Day for men, but not every year.)

You have to look through the stack in your size to find the package with the free pair.

Sadly, they do not offer the bonus packages in the XXL size.

Hint for the Ladies…

If your panties seem too skimpy and refuse to stay in place, alter them. I buy panties one size too big and take them in. I find there is plenty of material to cover me in the larger size.