Frugality is Not Equivalent to Miserly

Frugal people are the most generous people I know.

My first encounter with a frugal family was after I married. Shortly before the wedding, my then fiance’ was laid off and money was tight. Between the two of us we worked 10 part-time jobs.

I will never forget our first weekly budget: Rent – $40.00, Food- $10.00, Gas – $7.00. We didn’t eat much and the only place we drove was to work, the grocery store once a week and church.

One day after church we came out and found a ten-dollar bill stuck under our windshield wiper.  It didn’t take long to find out who our benefactor was and it was very humbling. This family was in the same boat we were in and they had two small children.  But I never will forget the joy on that man’s face when he said he was so glad he was able to bless us.

Recently, I shared with you about replacing the motor on our air conditioner. I waited for the bill with fear and trembling. I had less than half of the estimate in my maintenance account, but the motor he actually installed was smaller than the motor he gave in the estimate.

I saw him at church and felt guilty for not telling him I had not received a bill. So last Monday I called him and left a message. Yesterday, at church, my husband asked him for a bill.

He grinned and said, “It has been paid in full!”

What a blessing!

I decided to accept this “Random Act of Kindness” graciously. I will not turn into a detective and try to figure out who it was and I will say “THANK YOU” here. I also intend to look for opportunities to do the same for someone else.

Their “Random Act of Kindness” actually supplied two needs. Not only did they cover the bill for the motor, that amount in the maintenance fund will cover the increase of our property taxes that is due by Friday.

This is my fourth year of not earning a wage. I stepped down from my job due to my health. ( I worked for a (501(c)(3)) organization and did not even receive unemployment.)  God has provided for us over and over. I found I have to take each time my husband’s income is reduced as a challenge. Each time there is a bill that is larger than expected, I have to trust God to provide the funds, one bill at a time.

While I am facing my challenges, I am also deriving great joy from giving to others. There is actually a category in our budget for charity. As I have been blessed today, I will turn around and bless someone else. It may be as simple as getting a box out and looking for items to donate to Good Will.

 I know from experience it is better to give than to receive!


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