Quit Praying To Be Poor

Stop praying, “Dear God, Please help me to lose weight.”

I was reading in James 4 about not having, because we did not ask God. I have read that verse many times. Today as I was blogging about it on thisyearsbiblereadingguide.com, I felt God say to me…

“You ask me to help you lose weight. But you refuse to exercise. The only way I can help you, is to keep your income low enough that you buy only the food you need. That is why you had to cut those “Buy One, Get One Free” muffins off of your grocery list this week.”

(I immediately exercised.)

I am going to exercise like I plan on eating muffins every day for breakfast. I am going to continue to eat a healthy diet, so when my income increases to the point where I can buy  those muffins, that it will not harm me when I occasionally do!

Of course, until that day…I will make my own muffins!