Checks and Deposit Slips

I am irritated with the check publishing companies because they no longer put one or two registers in each box. I liked using two lines when I recorded my checks so I could make notes.

I pay most of my bills electronically through my banks free bill pay service, so I need to record those transactions, and the automatic mortgage payment, on the register also.

I had to switch to single line entry.

My freedom checking account, (see Debt Proof Living), gets a deposit once a week, but I only write one or two checks from that account per week. I ordered extra deposit slips for that account and found they were twice as expensive as the checks! Now when I run out of deposit slips in the back of each book of checks, I get free, blank deposit slips from the bank teller.

I do not use a debit card. They are easy to abuse and have no protection if they are stolen. I recently read that banks are going to add a per use charge to debit cards. I have enough trouble getting the checks my husband and I write recorded without having to worry about things purchased with a debit card.

When I do order checks, I use the “buy three boxes, get one free” discount. I do not order duplicate checks because half of the time the check would be ripped out and filled out at the store. I also skip the monogram and fancy lettering.

Before I place my order, I do a search for discount codes for the company I am purchasing from for free shipping and special deals. The last time I ordered I got matching address labels for half price.

Shop around. You can buy checks for $5.96 a box at!




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