Frugality Brings Freedom

My husband said it was just allergies and I didn’t need to go to the doctor.

But he was not the one who spent the weekend in bed eating Ibuprofen and Sudafed to break up the sinus headache.

He was not the one with drainage from upper sinuses that slowly slid over your eyes leaving you temporarily blind.

He was not the one who walked into the side of a doorway during one such episode.

He was not the one whose nose was chapped clear down to his chin.

But, when he realized he would have to make dinner, again, he called the doctor and made the appointment for me.

Yes, it was just allergies, but I need a shot Cortisone to get on top of it.

The freedom came as I was walking out the door, after paying my copay, knowing that I had a zero balance.

The secret to frugality is to keep the money you save for those times when you need it.

Even if it is just allergies.


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