I Now Have a Multi-tasking Toilet…

…I can wash my hands when I am pulling the chain in the tank to flush it!

The lever to the handle had corroded and broke in two. I remembered a box with some toilet parts in it that my dad gave me. I got it out and, sure enough, there was a handle in it.

But, it was a “Water-Saver” unit and the lever was square that fit into a special square opening. When I took it all out and looked at the instructions, I found you had to take the tank off to install it. Also, it looked like the box was 30 years old. All of the rubber gaskets were dried out and cracked. The lever and handle were both made of plastic.

I decided to buy a new, metal lever. After all, I want to be frugal, not foolish.

The toilet parts I chose not to use.



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