I Expanded My Visual Space

We set up our computer in our front room when our kids were young to monitor what they viewed online. Our youngest is now in college and our oldest has a family of his own.

We decided to make an office out of our oldest sons’ former bedroom. See how we increased our visual space?

I don’t put pictures on the TV wall for the same reason…visual space.

TV Wall Before Picture













TV Wall After Picture

3 thoughts on “I Expanded My Visual Space

  1. I would die without art on the walls! I know what you mean about visual space but I love art and pictures and paintings and shelves and….well you get my drift;)


  2. This is the only wall in my house that is blank! The rest have pictures, shelves, wall hangings, and in the kitchen, baskets, pots and pans! I do have a blank space above and around the TV in the other rooms. I think anything over the TV is distracting.



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