Gift for Wife? Do Something on the List

It’s Christmas Eve and men are notorious for waiting until the last minute to get a gift. But what if you don’t even have an idea of what to get her?

Every wife has a “honey do” list. They are things that she wants her husband to do when he has some time. Some things stay on the list for years!

If you still have not found the perfect gift, then take the time to do one of the things on her list. Don’t make a coupon saying you will do it. Just do it!

A gift of time is more precious than a gift of money.

Gift for the Woman Who Has Everything

Do you have a lady in your life who says she doesn’t need anything?

You still have time to make her this handy-dandy purse organizer.

I got the directions from  (Type purse organizer in the search box.)

She used pretty fabric and facing. I just grabbed a pair of old jeans with a good leg and cut two pieces out of it.

There are many purse organizers on the market, but some are heavy and the flimsy ones dump your items out. I like using denim because it is so durable and washable. I didn’t have to use facing because the material is sturdy enough on its own.

Denim Purse Organizer

My Favorite Christmas Present

Sentimental pictures make great Christmas presents. My sister went through Mom’s photos, picked three of me as a young girl and put them in a three-way frame. It is still my favorite Christmas present.

Well, maybe second favorite because I became engaged at Christmas.

I know you are almost out of time, but if you know of one photo for that last person on your list you can finish up. Make a good color copy of it and put it in a frame.

Pictures of me as a young girl.

Repairing a Worn Turtleneck or Mock Turtleneck

When the neckline gets worn or even pulls apart you can repair it

1. Hand sew the two pieces back together.

Sew together any holes on the top.

2. Pull the two pieces apart and pull down the inside piece to cover the seam.

Pull down 1/4" and stitch to seam.


3. Stitch the inside piece to the seam.

4.Wash garment.

See the worn line on the inside of the shirt?

The worn faded part is now inside about ¼” below the top.

You can do the same thing with the sleeves if they get worn.

Converting a Mock Turtleneck

I hate the feeling of being choked when I wear a turtleneck. I like the “Mock turtleneck” style better. It keeps my neck warm without all of the extra material.

I am in the process of converting one of my husband’s turtlenecks.

Husband's Turtleneck

1. Machine zigzag on the top edge.
Zigzagged top.
2. Pull the two pieces of material apart.

Two layers pulled apart.

3. Carefully cut the inside material between the zigzag and the seam.

Cutting out inside layer.

4. Pull the zigzag edge down to seam and pin.

Outer layer pinned down to inside of shirt.
5. Stitch together.

Zigzagged edge sewn to seam.

6. Wash garment.

New Mock turtleneck after washing.

This also works well on a turtleneck with a worn collar because you cut the worn layer out.