Converting a Mock Turtleneck

I hate the feeling of being choked when I wear a turtleneck. I like the “Mock turtleneck” style better. It keeps my neck warm without all of the extra material.

I am in the process of converting one of my husband’s turtlenecks.

Husband's Turtleneck

1. Machine zigzag on the top edge.
Zigzagged top.
2. Pull the two pieces of material apart.

Two layers pulled apart.

3. Carefully cut the inside material between the zigzag and the seam.

Cutting out inside layer.

4. Pull the zigzag edge down to seam and pin.

Outer layer pinned down to inside of shirt.
5. Stitch together.

Zigzagged edge sewn to seam.

6. Wash garment.

New Mock turtleneck after washing.

This also works well on a turtleneck with a worn collar because you cut the worn layer out.