Sayonara, Sofa!

I’m saying goodbye to a dear friend today. One who came into our lives 12 years ago after my son had a farm-related back injury. She has been with us through two surgeries, a broken arm, and more sinus infections than I care to count.

She comforted me when I grieved, held me when I laughed, cuddled me when I napped, helped my granddaughter sit up, watched countless movies with me, provided a safe place when I was afraid, sat through thousands of games and gave me a place to write.

Yes, I am emotionally attached to my couch!

My former sofa.

We searched for months before we chose to bring her into our family. We looked in every furniture store in a fifty mile radius.

We shopped with a list of requirements:

  1. Long enough to lie on, and my husband is over 6’ tall.
  2. Overstuffed back and arms.
  3. Solid Hunter green color (Hey, it was the 90’s).
  4. A soft, durable material that did not irritate my sensitive skin.

We found her in the back room of the store in the farthest corner. She had been moved to make room for the new color in décor.

We bought her and the matching love seat so all five of us would have a place to sit.

I took care of her. I vacuumed her and rotated the cushions four times a year. When her stuffed arms and back sagged, I pushed it all back up in place and, using an upholstery needle, I sewed the cushions down to the frame.

Sewed the stuffed arms back down to the frame.

I kept my upholstery needle with green thread in it for years. If I noticed a spot wearing, I embroidered it with a satin stitch.

I performed major surgery on her in 2006. The front board had become loose and was tipped at a 45 degree angle. The plastic strip on top of the board was holding on by two staples.

I cut the top of the material from one side to the other. I nailed the board back in place and attached the plastic strip with a staple gun.

I used crochet thread to sew the padding back together and to baste the two pieces of material together.

Then I embroidered over the stitching in a satin stitch. It was hard on my back to sit on the floor embroidering my couch, so I worked on it for just fifteen minutes a day.

It was therapy for me, as it helped to pass the six months my son was in basic training and advanced individual training.

Satin stitch over the seam.

When the springs started to lose their zip, I folded up a quilt and placed it under the cushions.

When one spring gave up the ghost, I put a neck pillow over it so the cushions would be even.

When the cushions started sliding off, I sewed a strip of Velcro to the back to give them something to grip. (That fix actually backfired, because when you sat down it sounded like you were passing gas!)

Quilt, Neck pillow and Velcro inside couch.

She is the second most comfortable bed in the house.

But in the last year I noticed if I sat through a movie, my back would hurt.

Couches are for sitting, not sleeping.

It’s time to let go…but I’m keeping the  love-seat!

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