I Will Not Be a Slave to Fashion

I read an article in a magazine that shared the clothing items that make you look old. While I agreed with most of the article I had a problem with some of it.

  1. Don’t wear orthopedic looking shoes. What if you have to wear arch supports? When I wear them with my pumps I feel as wobbly as I did in the end of my pregnancies. Besides, I wear New Balance lace up shoes and they are 100% made in America so I am contributing to our economy, not China’s.
  2. Don’t wear matching jewelry. As opposed to clashing jewelry? I swear some of the stuff I see in magazines clashes to me. Oh, and you forgot to notify the queen because when she gets out the crown jewels you better believe they match. I prefer to treat myself like a queen.
  3. Past trends: twinsets, nude hose and mock necks. Once again you forgot to send the memo to everyone because JC Penneys is selling all of the above. I noticed LL Bean is still selling Mock necks, so you better add them to the list. I think turtlenecks look good on people with long necks, like Audrey Hepburn; but the rest of the world looks better in a shorter Mock neck.  As for going without hose, you have never dealt with Atopic Dermatitis, Varicose veins or rubbing thighs. A little bit of tanning solution will not fix any of the above, and in the first item, it will make it worse. And twinsets -if I could find one in 100% cotton or silk that I could afford, I would buy it in a heartbeat.
  4. No pastels – try jewel tones. Apparently, they have never had their colors done or read the book on seasonal coloring. Those with summer coloring look good in pastels. Those with winter coloring look good in jewel tones. The spring coloring looks good in beach tones and the autumn coloring looks good in earth tones. Telling a summer that pastels are out is crazy. It’s like saying they are out.
  5. Under accessorizing. I think there is more danger in over accessorizing! I mean how many people can actually work on the computer with ten bracelets on their arm. I guess that only works if you are modeling and having your picture taken. If I am going to clean out the closet there is no way I want to wear a bracelet. It could catch on the clothes or I could lose it.

I think it is more important to ask ourselves why, not what.

Why am I wearing two bracelets with matching earrings that I bought together? Because it is cool in here and the bracelets keep the sleeves of my long-sleeved tee-shirt closed so cold air cannot go up my arm.

Besides…I like what I wear to match!

My matching bracelet and earrings!

2 thoughts on “I Will Not Be a Slave to Fashion

  1. A Twinset is a sweater with a matching cardigan sweater. According to the article you can wear them separately, but not together. If I find one, I am going to wear it together, just to be a rebel!



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