Not a Slave of Fashion, But an Employee

Okay, I ranted about the article on fashion, and in the middle of the night, I realized I do listen to them and modify their advice to my situation.

1.       Orthopedic Shoes – I will wear my lace up shoes with matching pants to draw attention away from them. I will not wear them with a dress or skirt; which means I will only wear a dress or skirt to an event lasting less than two hours, because that is about how long I can handle wearing pumps.

2.       Matching Jewelry – I will wear parts of sets with other jewelry if the color is what I need to balance an outfit; but I will not be afraid to wear them together.

3.       Past Trends:

A. Twinsets – I will break it up for other outfits, eventually, but I am still searching for one in 100% cotton or silk, that I can afford. The search has been years, so when I find it, I want to wear them together for a while. I will wear them with jeans to be a little trendier.
B. Nude Hose – Okay, I threw out my nude hose, but I will wear tights or colored hose.
C. Mock necks – I will stick to my guns on this one. Turtlenecks choke me.

4.       No Pastels, Try Jewel Tones – I will wear jewel tones exclusively, because I am a winter according to the book, “Color Me Beautiful”. According to, who did my colors also, I am a summer; but her color swatches included red, turquoise, emerald-green, teal, and purple. I consider them jewel tones.

5.       Under Accessorizing –Okay, I am guilty. I spent almost a year wearing just my wedding band and the gold stud earrings that I received when I got my ears pierced. My diamond kept coming off when I changed the sheets on the bed and I was afraid I would lose it.

A. Earrings – I wore yellow hoops on Thanksgiving and my granddaughter was fascinated with them. Now when she comes over she likes to pull my hair away from my ears to check out my earrings.

B. Pins/Brooches- During my sons Christmas concert she was amused for several minutes playing with my angel pin.

So, I am not a slave to fashion; I am more of an employee. I employ some of their advice!

Really, I am wearing jewelry to amuse my granddaughter!



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