My Reclining Couch

My aunt Nellie requested a picture of my new couch. As I am really happy with it, I thought I would show it to you, too.

It is a couch with a recliner on each end. We looked at it at a furniture store and then went to the mall to look at couches at a store that was going out of business.

We tested a couple; but realized they were not a brand we were familiar with and they seemed shoddy. If we had a problem we would have no place to get help because the store would be gone. We didn’t even bother asking about the “lower than listed prices”.

We went back to the furniture store and bought this dark chocolate, brown couch because it was made by “Lazy Boy” and this store will be there if we have a problem.

My room is 12” X 14” so all of my furniture has to be multi-purpose. We had to buy a side table to go with the couch or we would have had the recliner on the couch hitting our other recliner when we opened it.

We found this side table at the same furniture store on sale! The front door opens revealing two shelves, but the cool part is – it has a latch on the back. When you turn it, you can slide the top forward and it is open to the top shelf. It’s like a secret compartment!

I have always looked for multi-function furniture. My old recliner is also my rocking chair!

My Reclining Couch










My new side table.

My old recliner rocks!


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