Dividing of the Towels

A Tale of Two Towels

When we added a bathroom to the basement I dubbed it the “Boys Bathroom”! It is in the corner of the laundry room and it reminded me of a locker-room. That meant the upstairs bathroom became the girl’s bathroom.

I had to divide the towels between them. I had several white towels and several darker colored towels. I decided to use the lighter colors in the girl’s bathroom and the darker, more masculine colors in the boys bathroom.

It was a huge mistake!

In no time at all, the white wash cloths were stained with mascara, blush and eye shadow.

This month I switched them around. I moved all white and light-colored towels and wash cloths to the boy’s bathroom and put the darker ones in the girl’s bathroom.

Sometimes all we need to do is switch things around.


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