Sick? Cut Some Slack

I have been fighting a sinus infection in the cavities behind my forehead for the last 12 days. I am finally on antibiotics, but I got a revelation…

…Your most important asset is YOU!

When I get sick, I found if I keep going as if nothing is wrong I get worse. Sinus infection turns into bronchitis and eventually I get pneumonia.

I remember one winter that I had 6 sinus infections. I would get one cleared up and be off of antibiotics for a couple weeks and get another one.

I guess I learned this lesson the hard way. Now when I get the first symptom of a sinus infection, I immediately stop and start pushing fluids and getting rest. I let the house go and let everything wait.

That is why I have not been blogging and you may not hear from me for awhile.

When the sinus in your forehead drains it comes out the tear duct to your eye then drains down the second tear duct to your nose and throat. That means I have fluid going over my eyes regularly and it makes it difficult to see.

If you get sick, cut back and cut yourself some slack.

I’m going back to bed!


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