Duct Tape Will Not Last Forever

I have shared many ways that I have extended the life of things in my home using paper clips, etc. It is important to know that I do not leave them as permanent fixes. I use them as a stop-gap measure while I save to replace the item.

  • I no longer have a paper clip in my toilet; I replaced the flaps and chains in both toilets, (See “Mr. Frugalfish Saves the Day” 11-09-2011).
  • I got a new dishwasher for Christmas and have repossessed my turkey tray, (See “Is It a Frugal Fix, or Am I Just Being a Redneck?” 09-27-2011).
  • I have a new gallon water jug to use to make sun tea, (See “Mr. Frugalfish Buys a Sun Tea Jar”, 09-23-2011 and “Oops, I Was Wrong”, 11-10-2011).
  • I replaced the sheer lace panels in my window with two full length sheers, (See Alter Your Curtains to Suit Your Needs”, 01-19-2011).

Sometimes you replace an item with a more energy-efficient model. The full length sheers were long enough to “puddle” on the floor. It makes a nice air lock for the cold air. They are more efficient than the lace sheers that I was using.

Plastic Canister is NOT Dishwasher safe.



















Lace Panels in Front Window.












Sun Tea Jar in front of new sheer panels.