Challenges Need Not Stop You

I was reading an article by Margaret Haberman about Dale Chihuly, who was described as…

“One of Americas most prominent and prolific living artist, Chihuly is credited with elevating the craft of glassmaking to a fine art.” American Profile, January 15-21, 2012

“He was the first American to work in the Venini glass factory in Venice, where he observed a collaborative approach to blowing glass – in which a master artist choreographs a team of assistants to create an intricate design, much like a maestro conducts an orchestra or a director oversees the cast and crew of a movie or play.”

“From the beginning, Chihuly liked the team approach to glassmaking and embraced the practice completely after losing sight in his left eye in a 1976 car accident in England and three years later dislocating his right shoulder in a body surfing accident – injuries that made it physically difficult for him to sculpt glass himself.”

“His glass sculptures have grown increasingly grand through the years, adorning the lobby of the Bellagio resort in Las Vegas, the 2002 Olympics site in Salt Lake City, the canals in Venice, Italy, and botanical gardens from New York to London. More than a million people flocked to see his sculpture in Jerusalem during a yearlong exhibit that ended in 2000.”

“His work has become a source of pride in his native Tacoma, thanks in part to the artist and many public displays of his sculpture in the city’s cultural district. The most famous is the Chihuly Bridge of Glass, a 500 foot long pedestrian walkway that was built in 2002.”

Chihuly Bridge of Glass


After those two accidents he could have given up on glass blowing. Instead, he surrounded himself with talented artists.

In December, 2007, when I stepped down from my job due to a health issue, I could have given up. I have always had a passion for writing, finances, and the Bible. The last one is the most important because all of the secrets to wealth are in those pages!

The richest man who ever lived wrote Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon, (or Song of Songs).

  • Proverbs has all of his wisdom recorded.
  • Ecclesiastes is writings where he evaluated the meaning of life.
  • Song of Solomon is the best book on sex and love ever written.

Read the Bible and find the answers for yourself. And like Chihuly, surround yourself with gifted financial people.

I’m sure my net worth has doubled, in spite of the fact that I had a zero income for the last four years; (I worked for a 501c (3) organization and they are not required to pay unemployment.) because I followed the advice and teaching of these experts. (There are links to their websites on the right hand side of my blog.)

  1. – Live within your means and get out of debt.
  2. – Make a spending plan and seven steps to financial freedom.
  3. – finding treasures in your own home and routines to take care of it.
  4. – the steps to making your money work for you.
  5. – Online financial planning for the rest of your life.

I am not an expert; I am more of a reporter. I wanted to introduce you to the members of my team. I am constantly adding to my team. The first member was Larry Burkett, who passed away in 2003. I am still reading his books. The most recent member is Dave Ramsey.

No matter what challenges you face, I pray you are like Dale Chihuly and build your own team. Only God knows what you can do then!