I Found Unclaimed Space!

For over 26 years I have lived in the same space. I know this house inside and out. I have caulked every crevice and painted almost every room. I thought I was using all of the space efficiently.

Over Christmas, I got rid of a table in my kitchen and moved a couple of appliances that were on it to the top of my china cabinet. I always decorated the top of my china cabinet and missed having the display space. I realized I was not using all of the available space inside.

Measure, plan and make a pattern.

I decided, instead of stacking the cups on the top shelf, I would hang them from the top by cup hooks. I got paper and measured the available space.

When I lay the cups on the paper, I realized they would not all fit on the top. So, I measured the sides and cut out more paper. I worked on it a few minutes here and there for a couple of weeks until I had a plan that would accommodate all of the cups.

Unsure? Try a temporary solution.

I read if you paint the back of your china cabinet a dark color; it recedes and gives you the optical illusion of a deeper cupboard. I debated painting it, and my husband discouraged it. I wanted to see what it would look like, so I taped black wrapping paper to it with green painter’s tape so there would be no damage. The jury is still out on that decision.

Execute the plan.

I taped my brown paper pattern on the sides and top, and marked where I wanted the cup hooks with a hammer and nail. I wasn’t strong enough to turn the cup hooks, so my husband drilled holes and put them in for me.

After I hung the cups, I was able to put in a few glass Easter decorations. They are safe from getting broken and I will have a new display with each holiday.

Look around you may find some unclaimed space.

My china cabinet.

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