My Frugal Friends Go Shrimping!

My frugal friends, Ken and Jill, just returned from a month in Florida. While they were there, they decided to try their hand at shrimping.

I loved their frugal shrimp net and the math they did to show the value of the shrimp they caught. I asked their permission to share these photos and they agreed.

They did post a few thoughts to remember:
1. I was required to have a non-resident fishing license.
2. I had to know when Shrimping season is open and closed (April and May).
3. Three different Government agencies control fishing regulations; our responsibilities to know the regulations.  I use a fishing paper put out for fishermen which consolidates a summary of regulations.
4. Shrimp are not always floating by shore, a person must figure out where to go for access to current and when (we used an outgoing tide occurring at sundown or just after)
5. Wind can affect current.
6. I have found not everyone I talked to for advice know what they are talking about.  Evaluate your sources.

Hope this helps,
















































































The last picture is the best of the catch! The moral of this story is to know the laws, use what you have and be creative.