Mom Was Right, Green Bags Work

Easter Sunday I cut up a stalk of celery. I put some in the potato salad and set some out with dip. I saved the pieces with the leaves attached to make broth later. After dinner, I put the leftover cut up celery in a green bag; but the tops I put in a ziplock bag thinking I would make the broth the next day.

Well, you can probably guess what happened! I never got around to making that broth. I sliced up the celery and added it to my salad for lunch.  It is still crunchy. Yesterday, I went through my vegetable drawer and at the bottom, I found the celery tops. They didn’t look so good!

I learned three things:

  1. The “Green Bags” work.
  2. My Mother is always right.
  3. Use fresh food up right away.

Most of the things you see advertised on TV are expensive and some just do not work. I didn’t try the “Green Bags” until my mother recommended them. They do help your produce last longer.

There are two other options to prolong the life of celery; wrap it in foil or slice it and freeze it. I got the first tip from Debt-Proof Living, and the second tip from my mother!

I did make meals out of some of the leftovers from Easter Dinner. I had a lot of baked beans and I added ham to them before I froze them. I added the fresh tomato salsa to the Italian Casserole I made the night before and froze it.

Last week I wasn’t feeling well and I didn’t update my food inventory. I only put the items that were on sale on my grocery list and I am making meals from them.  Later today, I will update my food inventory before I make this week’s grocery list.  I think there is a carcass of a roasted chicken in the freezer I was going to use to make soup.



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