Grandma, Unplugged

My granddaughter just turned a year old and I decided I needed to have some toys here for her. I went online and printed off “age appropriate”, “developmental”, and “educational” toys.

As my home is small, I limited my purchases to items that would fit in this one basket. I decided to buy old-fashioned toys that do not make sounds. (That makes me an unplugged Grandma.) They are harder to find than you think!

I found wooden blocks in a wagon. She can stack the blocks and push or pull the wagon. I found stacking cups that nested and could be stored inside a shape sorter. The top comes off of the sorter leaving a bucket.











There are board books that she can look at and I pulled out my favorite books from when my kids were babies. I put them up and only get them down to read to her.

I got out stuffed animals and instruments from my sons room. I store those between the couch and wall along with my husband’s teddy bear from his aunt Marie. (The bear is 50 and cannot handle rough play.)

I learned a cool tip for a 1-year-old …tape the paper down that she will be coloring or drawing on, otherwise she will get frustrated when it moves. They even have “Crayons” for 12 month old children – they are markers that you hold in your palm.

But her favorite toy is….

…mine, too!

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