No Ants in My Pants!

It has been unseasonably warm this spring in Iowa. There was actually no snow the entire month of April. (I remember a blizzard on April 12th one year!)

My tulips, lilacs, and irises all bloomed early. The flowers are not the only things coming out early…the bugs are coming out, too!

Bugs are more than a nuisance; they damage wood and ruin food. The bugs I battle are “Sweet Ants”, “Box Elder Bugs”, and “Brown Ladybugs”.

The last two varieties used a west, basement window as access to our home. I found if I leaned a piece of plywood against the window in the fall they left it alone. They seek warm windows on the south and the west. When the plywood shaded the window it was cool and they flew right on by. Once they get in, they lay eggs and the eggs hatch during the spring. I also caulked the cracks around the house to keep them out.

The ants took a little more work. I filled all of the holes in and painted over them two years ago; but I still saw one or two. I put the ant poison near those areas every year. If one happens to chew through again I want it to fill up on poison and take it back to the nest to feed the rest!

There is nothing more frugal than being proactive.


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