Another Way to Cut the Cheese

1. Cut a 24 ounce chunk of cheddar into four sections. Divide one section into 1 ounce sticks.

2. Shred each of the remaining sections in a food processor.

3. You end up with 3 – 6 ounce packages of shredded cheese and 6 – 1 ounce sticks. I cut once stick into chunks and put it on my salad. I paid 6.25 for the chunk of cheese. It would cost me $12.00 if I bought the cheese already shredded and a package of crumbles.

The first way I posted to cut cheese was…


  1. Cut it yourself. My husband likes a slice of cheese on his sandwich at lunch. I am a salad girl and I like chunks of cheese or cheese crumbles on my salad. We prefer real cheese over cheese food. We no longer purchase packages of sliced, individually wrapped cheese. We now buy a pound of cheese. I cut the end off to make the chunk the size of a piece of bread. David slices it up for his sandwiches. I cut the end piece into cubes and  have enough for five or six cubes of cheese on my salad all week-long. Another trick is to slice the end and use two narrow pieces of cheese per sandwich. It goes a lot further.” 

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