Drapes Make an Air Pocket

I read that the most heat or cool air loss is at our windows.  In my post “Dress Your Windows” on January 12, 2010, I shared that each window has a sheer curtain, blind and energy-efficient drapes. You would think that those three layers would trap any cool or warm air, but I go one step further. ..

…I Velcro the outside edge of the drapes to the wall.

1. I sew the soft side of “Sew on Velcro” tape to the outside edge of the drape.











2. I put the rough side of “Self Stick Velcro Dots” on the wall. I paint them the wall color.











3. When I hang the drape I push the Velcro pieces together.






This creates an air lock that traps the cool or warm air depending on the season.