Make a Tee Shirt Quilt

I saved the tee shirts from my kid’s ball teams, camps, plays and clubs. This is a photo of the tee-shirt quilt I made for my oldest son. I gave it to him for Christmas the year he got married. This was the first quilt I ever made. To make it unique, I quilted each square in a different pattern.

There are companies that will take your tee shirts and make a quilt for a couple hundred dollars. You can make it yourself without taking a bunch of quilting lessons. The quilt I made has something that the company does not do.


I embroidered, by hand, the signatures from the kids who signed his camp shirts. Those “autographs” are preserved for posterity.

If you have a lot of signatures to embroider, this is not a project to finish in a couple of months. I am now working on my daughters tee-shirt quilt. She had so many friends sign her shirts that I have worked on the embroidery for over two years!

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