Better Than Biz on Pit Stains

My husband and son spend as much time outdoors as possible. They love to play sports and they mow lawns as a side business. Sometimes it looks like they mowed the lawns in their stocking feet.

As most mothers of athletes know, when you play sports you sweat. I don’t mean tiny little circles under the arms; I am talking about shirts that are saturated! Over time the white tee shirts can develop ugly, yellow stains.

Through the years I tried many things to remove the stains from the white tee shirts and the socks. I found the best stain remover is one I mix up myself. I believe I got the original recipe from Debt Proof Living, but they have changed the formula in liquid Clorox2 and I had to tweak it.

I start with one-fourth a cup of liquid Clorox2. (The powder Clorox2 does not dissolve as well and sometimes I ended up with blue stains from the floating particles.)


I pour it in to a five gallon bucket and fill it halfway with hot water.

I measure one cup of dry dishwasher detergent.

I add it to the bucket as it is filling the rest of the way with hot water.

Stir until all of the dry dishwasher powder is dissolved.

Place dirty, stained whites in bucket and let them soak overnight.

Since I have a high-efficiency washer I run the contents of the bucket through the rinse and spin cycle to remove the dirty water.  You can just spin them out in a regular washer.

I wash them with the rest of my whites on hot water.  Below is the four pair of socks that I soaked in the bucket. Can you tell which one was the one pictured in the bucket? I can’t.


I was grateful to find that this recipe works better than Biz on pit stains. And it is not as much work as treating each armpit individually with Biz.

Note: Never mix non-chlorine bleach with chlorine bleach.


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