De-Fringed My Rugs

I am not talking a “Fringe Haircut” I and talking about pulling them out by the roots!

Fringe is the first thing to get dirty on your rugs. It gets caught in the vacuum sweeper and torn off.

The area rug in my kitchen was the worst. The fringe was filthy. I removed the fringe with a seam ripper. When you cut one loop at the base you can remove the rest by untying the loops.

I folded the rug over an inch and sewed the rough edge using a darning needle in my upholstery needle set. I use two pieces of normal thread folded over so I have four strands to sew it down.

When my aunt saw the rugs after my “surgery” she thought I bought new rugs! I have since “de-fringed” four rugs. The rug for my entry way was a little larger than I wanted. I used a three-inch seam on each side and now have a custom-made rug that fits perfectly! (This rug had stripes that went from side to side.)

The binding on the sides of one rug was torn and stained. When I “de-fringed” that rug, I also folded the sides over and sewed them down. My rugs look new and they are much easier to clean.


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