Restore Faded Yard Art

Our Aunt Nellie has a frog collection. At one time her collection contained over 200 frogs! She displayed them throughout her house and in her yard.

Since I enjoy painting, Uncle Dean asked me to restore one of her outdoor figurines. He was so impressed that he put it under the Christmas tree to surprise her. I’ve lost count of how many frogs I have painted.

I do remember how many penguins…four. The penguins were made of concrete and stood two feet tall.




















This frog was made of plastic and I used the same acrylic paints on it as I used on the concrete penguins. I purchased a box with a variety of colors of paint. I even custom mixed colors from that assortment of paints. Of course I went through a couple of bottles of black and white paint on the penguins.

When your yard art starts to fade, don’t replace it…restore it.


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