Add a Touch of Your Personality

I searched long and hard for a new desk lamp. My old one was a table lamp given to us when my husband’s grandmother died. I could not use the compact fluorescent bulbs in them and it would occasionally flicker. One night it set up off the breaker and I knew it had to go.

The thing I loved about grandma’s lamp was it took a three-way bulb and I could have a really bright light writing and sewing. (I keep my sewing machine under my desk. It doubles as a sewing table.)

I chose this lamp because it looks like it fits in a library and it takes two 60 watt compact fluorescent bulbs. That gives me the option of 60 watts or 120 watts depending on what I need. But when the lamp arrived, I found that it was about an inch too tall and the bulb would shine right in my eyes.

I debated about sending it back, but I loved it. I decided to add some tulle trim; I had in with my sewing materials, around the base of the glass shade. I loved the trim and had not found a place to use it. The tulle diffused the bulb glare without cutting down on the light that was directed below.

I now have a lamp that I love…with a touch of my personality!


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