Retractable Clothesline Saves the Day

I have been thinking of my grandmother a lot this week…because both my dishwasher and dryer broke down. I have been washing the dishes by hand, just like she did.

The dryer stopped heating and I was so glad that I bought some retractable clothesline last summer.  I installed them in the basement. But my son did not like the scratchy towels and I ended up drying them in the dryer again.

Then my husband noticed that the towels were not drying us off as they did before. I use homemade soap, with vinegar in the rinse cycle, and apparently had dried them with dryer sheets.

When the dryer broke I had to hang them on the lines and I found that they now wick up the water like a sponge! It saves electricity and they work better.

As for my son, he leaves for college in a week, and won’t be using them!


Drying towels in my basement














The clothesline retracts into the small plastic container up in the ceiling.