Another Use for “Coffee Iced Cubes”

I have to admit, I read this tip in a romance novel! I tried it this week and it really works.

What do you do when your morning coffee gets cold? Warm it in the microwave.

What do you do when it gets cold and you have already reheated it? Add a “Coffee Ice Cube” and turn it into Iced Coffee!

I drink one large cup of coffee in the morning and I try to make it last. This happens to me all of the time.

I read that you should have your second cup of coffee in the middle of the afternoon when you slump or want to take a nap.  I was drinking four cups of coffee a day and have cut back to two: one in the morning and one in the afternoon! It is healthier.

Adding a “Coffee Ice Cube” turns lukewarm or cold coffee into an iced Coffee!