The Road Less Traveled….

As I was looking over my vacation pictures, I realized sometimes the best memories are made with unscheduled stops!

My mom was telling my brother about an article she had read about the oldest courthouse in America.

When she described it to my brother, he said, “That is just 3 miles from here. Do you want to go and see it?”

Of course, we said, “Yes!”

We loaded up those who wanted to see it and took off. We took pictures of all of the males in the stocks that were on the porch of the courthouse. My brother told me when he was called up for jury duty several years ago he actually had to report to this building. They are in the process off remodeling it as they built a new courthouse.

The oldest courthouse in America located in King William, VA.

As we were reading the names on a statue of those from King William who died in the civil war, we heard talking. A lady came out and told us there was a museum and she would love to give us a tour. There was a life-sized statue of one of the judges and she knew him when she was much younger.

After taking us through the museum, she took us to the restored courtroom. She let us take pictures sitting in the various seats.  I was surprised how small the courtroom was and the jury deliberating room was the same size as the judge’s chambers!

That’s me, trying to look like a stern judge!

We also went to a restored church that was a few miles away. In the article there were trees growing out of the collapsed roof. It was amazing to see and touch the wood that was hundreds of years old. Even more amazing was that we found the church unlocked!

The inside of the restored church. The trees are gone and a roof is on. I loved the wood on the ceiling.

We were able to tour both of these buildings and the museum for free.  It makes me wonder what things are just a few miles from my house.  What about yours?