This Picture Had Three Lives!

I bought this picture for myself several years ago. I hung it in several rooms of my house. The last place I hung it was in my kitchen. A friend of mine, who attends my home group, always commented on how much he loved that picture.

The picture before I painted it the first time.

Three or four years ago, I was debating what to make for Christmas gifts for those who attended my home group. I thought of this picture. By that time, my friend had married, and I decided to paint the frame with their wedding colors. (I painted another frame for the other couple who attend my home group.)

The frame painted in their wedding colors.

They loved it. A few more years passed and they hung wallpaper in their dining room. They asked if I would paint it again to go with their new decor. I said, “Sure.” They picked up the acrylic paint to match the wall paper and we decided to just add black to bring out the design of the frame.

I was able to see it hanging on their dining room wall last month and it looks gorgeous!

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