Take Responsibility For Yourself

“The thing that shows the man is his willingness to accept responsibility for himself and his actions. Only a tinhorn blames what he is on his folks or the times or something else besides himself. There  have been good men and great men in all periods of history, and they did it themselves….The ones who wind up on top are usually those with the most efficient life style.”  Louis L’Amour

That was the attitude that built the west. You don’t see that attitude today. Everyone is a victim. It is never their fault. They blame their folks, former bosses, the economy and just plain bad luck.

Every action has a consequence. If I overspend on groceries this week, I won’t have enough money to pay the electric bill. When I put something on the credit card I am spending next month’s money. There is no guarantee there will be a check next month.

If I gamble and write a check two days before I deposit my paycheck, I will be charged overdraft fees. I am much better off if I only spend the cash I have in hand now.

I have been unemployed for over four years. I had four weeks severance pay, but because I worked for a nonprofit organization, I did not qualify for unemployment. I worked there for over 24 years, so there was no unemployment from my former job available.

When you are faced with no income and are living on the income of your spouse, you tend to be much more frugal. I have a health issue that requires I stay in a highly protective environment. I won’t be able to go out and look for a job, much less work outside of my home. More money is not an answer available to me.

The answer? Living efficiently. It is up to me to not waste anything. I am constantly looking for tips to stretch my funds even further.

It is my responsibility. The buck stops here.


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