Inexpensive “Open Concept” Concept

For years, I dreamed of buying a four bedroom home with an “Open Concept” kitchen/dining/living room. I drug my husband to house after house. He hates to move and always found something wrong with each house.

After looking at a few houses, I started to appreciate my home because we keep it in good repair. If we get a scratch on the wall we fill it in and paint it with leftover matching paint.

The one thing I hated about our home was the dark windowless kitchen. There is a window over the dining area but the light never reached the sink when I was doing dishes.

We finally decided to cut a window in the wall between the kitchen and the front room. The front room has a large, floor-to-ceiling window that lets in a lot of light. (We did not install a window in the opening.)

I will never forget the moment when the contractor took off the second side of the wall. I was standing by the sink and the light flooded the room. I stood there staring. It was as if someone turned on a flood light.

The window is 42” high, (counter height), and 42” square.  The wall in the front room that we placed the window in is part of a hallway. We like the new arrangement of furniture better because we are no longer walking around furniture when we walk from the kitchen to the back of the house.

We call it the kissing window because I hang a kissing ball in it during Christmas. All year long, if my husband or I lean on the window we will get a kiss. My granddaughter, 1, even likes to get in on it…although one of us has to hold her.

This window made our kitchen and living room an “Open Concept”.


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