My Glowing New Door Color

I have painted my front door several colors over the years. I really wanted a red door, but my husband didn’t.  The last color I painted it was a dark, smoky blue to match the shutters on the house. I noticed that the air between the door and the storm door was really hot in the summer. That blue door just absorbed the heat.

Two years ago, I decided to paint the door white on the inside and the outside. I thought it would reflect the light and cut down on the heat entering the house in the summer. It took me two days to paint it.

That night I noticed light in the entryway when I turned on the hall light. The hall light was reflected in a picture in the hall and by the mirror on the wall and the white door. It lightened up my entryway! I am sure glad I did not have a dark-colored door this last summer during the high heat and the drought.

My white front door.


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