Once a Year “Wash and Wear” Haircut

I always fought my curly hair. I thought it was wavy and it always waved the wrong way. Then I met Amanda Brown, the owner of “The Bee Hive” in Richland, IA.

The Bee Hive, Richland, IA

She told me curly hair is usually dry and needs lots of conditioner. I washed my hair and let it dry naturally before I went to the salon. She cut my hair, one curl at a time. This was my haircut for family pictures in October, 2008. It is my profile picture.

I did not get my hair cut again until my son got married in November, 2009. By then Amanda had hired Brei, and after cutting my hair, she had Brei style it for the wedding.

My haircut for my sons wedding. (timestocherishphotography.com)

Since I cannot leave the house, I decided to grow my hair for “Locks of Love”. They take donated hair and make wigs for children with cancer.  Then my youngest son was chosen for the “Iowa All State Choir”. The concert was to be televised and I decided I had better get it cut.

My hair after growing one year.

My hair cut at the “Iowa All State Chorus” concert.

I was disappointed how little hair I had to donate. Amanda told me not to feel bad; they can still use it to make extensions, which they sell.

In January, 2011, I heard about “curly girl”. It revolutionized the way I take care of my curls. I no longer wash my hair every day with shampoo…I wash it with conditioner! Some days, I just rinse it, scrunch it and that’s it! I never use a terry cloth towel to dry my hair; I wrap it in a 100% cotton tee-shirt.

I went to Amanda in May, 2011, and told her to pretend I would not be back for 18 months to 2 years and to cut my hair based on that information. She cut it really short on the back and the sides, but left the bangs long enough to tuck behind my ears.

It was perfect for my youngest son’s graduation and the next week which I spent at the hospital with my oldest son.  Unfortunately, I am the family photographer and I could only find one picture of me during that week. It was taken in the hospital with my granddaughter, who was 3 months old at the time. You can see the length of the bangs.

In my 20011 haircut, I had her leave the bangs long.

This year we had a long hot summer, (I started running the air conditioner in May), and I decided I wanted the short cut like I got for graduation last year. I went back to Amanda in August.  This is the haircut I have now.

My 2012 haircut.

The most important thing to do is sit down with your hairdresser and ask her how to take care of your hair. Also trust them to give you the best cut for your face. I swear Amanda makes up haircuts for me. They are original!

Don’t fight what you have, work with it, and soon you will have “Wash & Wear” hair.  You may have to get it cut more than once a year, though!


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