How Much Toothpaste?

The directions tell you to put a pea-sized amount on your brush, but the ads show the entire toothbrush covered in a strip of paste. I didn’t think much about it until I replaced my toothbrush with one designed for sensitive teeth. It has a teeny, tiny head! There is only enough room for a pea-sized amount of paste!

I think I am using about half of the amount as I was using before. It may not seem like much, but I should have run out of toothpaste sometime last week and there is still paste in the tube.

I have found another bonus with this toothbrush…I am brushing longer. With the smaller amount of paste my mouth does not fill up with foam and product.  I can feel whether my teeth are thoroughly cleaned or not.

It reminds me of the number one rule of frugality….

Waste not, want not!

A smaller toothbrush head saves on toothpaste.


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