Use the Sun to Your Advantage

I use my drapes, sheers and blinds to control the temperature in my house.

When the heat is over 90 degrees, I shut all of them until the sun is no longer shining in the window.

I shut the sheer curtains, to reflect the heat and turn the blinds to deflect the light when the temperature is in the eighties.

Close the sheers and the blinds on sweltering days.

I usually open the windows when it is 60-70 degrees and I leave all of the window coverings open.

Open all of the curtains when the windows are open.

When it cools down, I leave the sheers open to let the heat of the sun warm the room.

On cool, cloudy days, I keep the sheer curtains closed to trap the cold air by the glass.

On bitter, cold, cloudy days, I drape the curtains partway closed.

Drape the curtains on bitter cold, cloudy days.

When it comes to heating your house…let the sun work for you!


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