My hero, Mary Hunt, Debt Proof Living, posted about how much she loved her carpet steam cleaner.  She loved it because she could clean her carpets with just hot water! She explained that shampoo residue attracts dirt.

I looked around my house and thought, “That explains a lot!” I was frequently cleaning the high traffic areas with Resolve. They just didn’t stay clean.

Then I had a brainstorm…


I was ecstatic!

You see, up to this point, I had been treating my carpets with dust mite killer. It is a grueling process:

  1. Vacuum carpet.
  2. Spray area with pre-treating chemical.
  3. Sprinkle on dust mite killing powder.
  4. Scrub chemical deep into carpet on hands and knees with a brush.
  5. Let dry two hours.
  6. Vacuum again.
  7. Repeat every three months.

I had to save for six months to buy my own Power Steamer, but it was worth it. I cleaned all of the carpets and area rugs with just hot water.

I was amazed when it cleaned an oil stain. I worked on that stain so many times I am sure it will take several more times before the entire detergent residue is cleaned out of the carpet.

It also revealed the source of some mystery stains. After cleaning with water, I realized it is gum stuck in the carpet. Now I know how to attack that stain.

But my greatest joy comes from knowing I will never again scrub on my hands and knees to kill the dust mites. Those “dust-mite killing” chemicals were not cheap!

Bissell Power Steamer Carpet Cleaner


How do you save money?

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